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PhantomBuster: Capabilities Category

Task Automation

PhantomBuster: Product Description

PhantomBuster is a cloud-based software that offers a suite of automation tools designed to streamline data collection and outreach efforts. It provides over 100 ready-made automations and workflows, allowing businesses to integrate with their favorite tools without the need for coding. This platform specializes in generating high-quality leads quickly and efficiently, organizing them in one central location powered by AI. PhantomBuster is geared towards accelerating business processes at scale, sourcing contacts from across the web, enriching databases with detailed information, and automating personalized outreach campaigns.

PhantomBuster: Product Features

  • Code-Free Automation: Users can automate tasks without any programming knowledge required.
  • Ready-Made Automations: Over 100 prebuilt workflows to meet various business goals.
  • Lead Organization: Centralized lead management system enhanced by AI.
  • Time Efficiency: Automations save hours spent on repetitive tasks.
  • Scalability: Tools designed to help businesses accelerate growth at scale.
  • Personalized Campaigns: Capability to personalize outreach campaigns for effective engagement.
  • Data Enrichment: Provides detailed lead information including verified emails and phone numbers.
  • Web Scraping: Ethical web scraping tools to collect data responsibly.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly imports data to any customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Lead Extraction: Extracts lists of qualified leads from various web sources.

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Free LinkedIn Outreach ROI Calculator - Can cold outreach on LinkedIn make you good money? 🚀🚀🚀 | Product HuntFree LinkedIn Outreach ROI Calculator - Can cold outreach on LinkedIn make you good money? 🚀🚀🚀 | Product Hunt

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Have you considered using Koneksi with PhantomBuster?

There are great reasons customers use PhantomBuster with Koneksi.

Koneksi supercharges PhantomBuster and enhances your results.

Strong connections, in high volumes

Why Koneksi?

This is the only way to continuously generate the highest volume of well-qualified pipeline, at scale. Without Koneksi, it would take more than a whole working week to reach this volume of cold prospects with messages this personalised.

Up to 30x higher response rate
In addition to increasing the acceptance rate of LinkedIn requests, we are also proven to elicit up to 30x more responses from cold prospects.
Save 300 hours monthly
If you reach 600 prospects monthly, and assuming research for each prospect takes 30 mins, that's 300 hours per month worked by our automation in seconds.
Remove time limits and resonate more
Time limits the number of prospects you can research before messaging. Koneksi removes that limit, tailoring messages for as many prospects as needed.
Connect AND follow-up
It doesn't just stop at sending a connection request. Our tool also does follow ups to ensure prospects have multiple opportunities to respond.
Control your spend
You have full control over which types of messages you generate - meaning full control over how you spend your money.
Get involved only when a prospect replies
Once you've kicked off your outreach process, it will engage your prospects personally and you can forget about it until they want to talk to you.

All the capabilities you need

Key features of Koneksi message generation

Our message generation tool is designed with and for our customers' highest priority needs - and it continuously evolves with them.

Advanced personalisation based on deep research.
Re-define/re-describe your proposition anytime.
Message structure
Tried and tested personalisation blueprints.
Message control
Choose what type of messages to generate.
Usage tracking
Realtime count of messages generated.
Receive on the go
A csv will be always be delivered to your inbox.
Dynamic execution
Send with any tool, e.g Skylead, Expandi & more.
Set your limits
Choose your package and upgrade at any time.
Generate anytime
Live and accessible 24/7.
Message dashboard
See all messages in your online dashboard.

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