Koneksi finds your next customer for you, on LinkedIn.

Without Koneksi, cold outreach is either frustratingly time-consuming or embarrassingly spammy - and generally low-response. Koneksi solves this by finding, researching and contacting hundreds of leads for you, with 100% personalised messages. It's effortless. It's at scale. And hundreds more meaningful connections means hundreds more sales conversations.

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Strong connections, in high volumes

Why Koneksi?

This is the only way to continuously generate the highest volume of well-qualified pipeline, at scale. Without Koneksi, it would take more than a whole working week to reach this volume of cold prospects with messages this personalised.

Make more money
Increase your pipeline
Connect more
Grow your network
Stand out
Spark more interest

Koneksi does your prospect research for you

Meaningful Outreach at Scale

Koneksi writes and sends personalised messages to hundreds of prospects.

No more uncomfortably impersonal spam. Koneksi's research process makes your outreach personal, credible and meaningful.

Build trust.
Your well-researched, well-positioned messages will cultivate interest from cold prospects.
Reach high volumes.
At just the click of a button, resonate on a human level with hundreds more prospects.
Get more replies.
Generate up to 30x higher response rates than with normal personalisation.

You can start seeing results this week

Try Koneksi now with a simple package

Choose the package that suits you, and we'll start working on your pipeline. You can upgrade, downgrade or switch packages as you like, whenever you like.

A story of 3 parts

How does it work?

According to the package you have selected, Koneksi will do all or any of the following: create your prospect list, write personalised messages for each prospect, send the messages from your LinkedIn account to theirs, and provide you a summary of the results.

Part 1 - Source Prospects

Choose whether to source your own prospects or ask Koneksi to do it for you. Should you ask us to do it, we will ask your preferences and criteria.

If you want to build/purchase your own list, then you can use sites such as Sales Navigator/ ZoomInfo/ Apollo - or even purchase a list-building service from Upwork or Fivr.

Step 1

Part 2 - Generate Messages

Koneksi will generate 3x fully personalised messages for each prospect - a connection request, a follow-up message and a material-share message.

If you would like different types of messages, then please ask us as this is how we prioritise new features. Also, if you would like to review some of these messages before they are sent, you are welcome to ask.

Step 1

Part 3 - Send Messages and Monitor Results

If you would like us to, Koneksi will send the personalised messages from your LinkedIn account to all of your prospects. When any prospect replies, you pick up the thread from there.

Koneksi will send you a full summary of the campaign results - including acceptance and response rates, and a confirmed list of prospects who replied.

Step 1

How to get started

Getting started is simple: just 3 steps

If you have any questions about what's right for you, then feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

Step 1: Know your proposition and target audience
Outreach works best when your proposition is watertight and your ideal customer profile is well defined. Koneksi accelerates the speed at which you can take your proposition to your target audience - so it's important that the product/service is going to be clear and relevant for recipients.
Step 2: Choose the package that's right for you
We have packages that suit the needs of different types and sizes of business, and different levels of experience with LinkedIn automation. You can ask us to do everything for you. Or you can choose to own any part of the end to end outreach process yourself - we'll do the parts you choose not to do.
Step 3: Watch your campaign progress!
You'll receive the usual LinkedIn notifications when prospects accept your connection requests and reply to your messages, even if we're running the campaign for you. Also, if we're sending messages on your behalf, we'll also provide you with a campaign results summary upon completion. You then pick up directly on LinkedIn message with any prospect who replies to the campaign.

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From the Blog

We share more about sales tech, trends, tips and behind the scenes in the Koneksi Blog.

Announcing the launch of our new managed services suite!

Announcing the launch of our new managed services suite!

We've listened to community feedback and in response we've decided to introduce a series of official managed services - so that we can run your LinkedIn DM campaigns for you.

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We launched on Product Hunt for the first time and here's what happened...

We launched on Product Hunt for the first time and here's what happened...

We took our ROI Calculator to Product Hunt on Saturday and this is everything we did, experienced and learned.

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We use Koneksi messages in our own outreach campaigns - here's how it's going

We use Koneksi messages in our own outreach campaigns - here's how it's going

By using Koneksi's messaging engine in our own outreach campaigns, we continuously learn what is working and what isn't. Here's everything we've done and what we've learned so far.

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