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Boosting LinkedIn outreach with tailored messages, seamlessly integrated to your tool(s)

Capability Overview

Our APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate your LinkedIn Automation system with Koneksi to send Koneksi-generated personalised messages. Once you have sent a list of prospects to Koneksi, and it has processed everything, Koneksi sends a webhook event to notify your system that the messages are ready. Then you will be able to retrieve your customized outreach messages for each prospect via a separate endpoint.

API Endpoints

1. Generate Messages API

This API enables you to load your prospects and request that Koneksi generates the required messages (customised to your preferences).

2. Retrieve Generated Messages API

This API enables you to retrieve your messages from Koneksi.


1. Completion Notification Webhook

This webhook notifies your system that your requested messages have been generated.

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