Here's our handy roundup of all tools in the LinkedIn automation space

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In today's hyper-connected world, expanding your professional network and nurturing leads can be a time-consuming process. But what if you had a secret weapon to automate these tasks while you focus on other important things?

Picture this: Your LinkedIn profile is actively connecting with potential leads, sending follow-ups, and building relationships, all on autopilot. It's like having a dedicated assistant for your networking endeavors, working tirelessly in the background.

Tools that automate cold outreach on LinkedIn

There are a number of software-as-a-service tools available to automate cold outreach on LinkedIn. They grow your LinkedIn network and warm up leads for you - while you're busy working on other things. These tools effectively 'log into' your personal LinkedIn account on your behalf and then automate activities that you might otherwise do manually - like 'viewing' profiles, sending connection requests and then sending a follow-up message after a connection request has been accepted.

Across all of these tools, the base price for a singular user account varies from $15 to $295 per month. Some tools provide a whitelabelled product for agencies so that they can offer lead generation as a service for their clients. Some tools offer email outreach capability to supplement your LinkedIn campaign. Most tools offer a free trial - of either 1 or 2 weeks. About half of the tools offer the capability for you to send customised text - usually just variables like first name and company. And only 4 of the tools can natively generate custom messages for each prospect using AI.

Tool Base Monthly Price LinkedIn, or Email too? Agency Option Free Trial Period Can send Koneksi Messages Native AI Msgs
Closely $99 LinkedIn No 1 month Yes No
Demand $99 Both No 7 days No Yes
Dripify $39 LinkedIn No 7 days Yes No
DripFunnel $27 LinkedIn No 7 days Yes No
Dux-Soup $15 LinkedIn Yes 14 days Yes No
Expandi $99 Both Yes 7 days Yes No
Get Sales $59 Both No 7 days No No
Heyreach $79 LinkedIn (+ email soon) Yes 7 days Yes Yes
Icereach $79 LinkedIn No 7 days No No
Lead Connect $23 LinkedIn No 7 days No No
LinkedCamp $56 LinkedIn Yes 14 days Yes No
LinkedFusion $66 Both No 7 days Yes No
Linked Helper $15 LinkedIn No 14 days Yes No
LinkedoJet $69 LinkedIn No 10 days ($10) Yes (via CS) No
LinkedProspect $49 LinkedIn Yes 7 days No No
Linked Radar $15 LinkedIn No No trial No Yes
LiProspect $89 Both No 15 days No No
MeetAlfred $39 LinkedIn No 7 days No No
Octopus CRM $10 LinkedIn (chrome ext.) Yes 7 days No No
Outreachly $295 LinkedIn No 14 days No No
Overloop $99 Both Yes 14 days No No
Salesflow $99 LinkedIn Yes 7 days Yes No
Salesloop $49 Both No 14 days No Yes
Skylead $100 Both Yes 7 days Yes No
Snov $39 Email Nov Forever (50 Credits) No Yes
Waalaxy $112 LinkedIn (chrome ext.) No 7 days Yes No
We-Connect $49 LinkedIn No 14 days Yes Yes
Zopto $195 Both Yes 14 days Yes No

*Please note this table scrolls horizontally on smaller devices

AI-generated messaging is where this market is heading - and as you can see from the last column above, only some of these tools have that capability right now.

But here's a little secret for you: for the tools that enable the customisation of variables such as 'first name', it is actually possible to use those variables to customise the entire message - which will have a much greater impact on reader engagement. Any tool which has a 'yes' in the 'Can send Koneksi Messages' column above has the capability to load via csv (and even via API in some cases) any custom information you would like to include in your messages. So that means with those tools you are able to load a 100% customised message, tailored specifically to every single prospect.

And what's the fastest way to generate hundreds of 100% customised messages for your prospects? Have a look at our homepage to find out how we do it!

In addition to the above, some outreach automation tools offer Email outreach automation as their primary capability

  • Apollo customers have access to a lead database and the ability to set up multi-touchpoint email campaigns to engage and nurture those leads. It has a 'free forever' tier and a basic tier starting at $39.

  • Cirrus Insight is another email prospecting tool offering data and insights for sales execs, CRM sync capability and forecasting/reporting for sales management. The basic tier starts at $10 and a 14 day free trial is also available.

  • Mailshake helps email outreach campaigns bypass spam filters. Whilst it is primarily an email outreach tool, it also offers LinkedIn outreach capability for users who want to capitalise on the multi-channel option. For email only, the basic price is $58, but for those wanting to include LinkedIn automation, the base price is $83. There is no free trial.

  • Lemlist is a lead generation platform offering a lead database, enrichment, campaign generation and execution, and personalisation. Whilst it is primarily email focused, it also offers LinkedIn outreach for multi-channel campaigns, including the ability to send LinkedIn voicenotes. It offers a 14 day free trial and its base plan is $59.

  • is an advanced email outreach tool offering a AI-generated email content, a unified mailbox and automated mailbox-rotation - improving deliverability of your campaign. It offers a 14 day free trial, its base plan starts at $39 and it also has a whitelabelled agency option.

Most tools offer keyword personalisation, but only two are 100% focused on hyperpersonalisation:

  • Koneksi is an advanced message customisation tool for LinkedIn outreach. With only name and company information for each of your prospects, Koneksi is able to perform deep research and generate individualised messages for each prospect - increasing response rates by up to 30x and accelerating meetings-booked volumes. It offers a 7 day free trial and then after that, the base price is $0.25 per message.

  • Hyperise is a video and GIF personalisation tool intended to generate unique content for use in campaigns executed by other tools. It is readily integrated with popular marketing tools such as Mailchimp, SalesForce, Marketo and HubSpot - as well as with other tools listed above like, Mailshake, TexAu, Apollo, Expandi, Lemlist, LinkedCamp, LinkedFusion and LinkedHelper. It offers a 14 day free trial and the base price is $69.

Some other areas of automation in the LinkedIn lead gen space include lead enrichment and LinkedIn engagement growth

  • Kaspr is a Chrome extension that enriches lead data in order to accelerate your LinkedIn outreach process. It has a 'free forever' tier, and its base price is $63.

  • Lempod is your handy LinkedIn engagement sidekick. It helps you gather more views and reactions to LinkedIn articles and posts, based on 'pods' of relevant or interested parties. Pricing starts at $9.99 per pod, or you can trial the Lempod Chrome extension for 3 days.

And finally, there are some handy general sales automation tools too

  • is a Chrome extension that helps you run email outreach campaigns and reply faster. It offers a 14 day free trial and has a 'free forever' basic tier.

  • SocioLeads helps generate leads from Facebook with general engagement, automated messaging and also email follow-up capability. It offers a 15 day free trial.

  • Magical is a task automation Chrome extension offering capabilities like outreach email drafting and lead data entry automation. It offers a 'free forever' basic tier.

  • PhantomBuster automates a number of sales activities like data collection and outreach, via things like LinkedIn scrapers, professional email finders and Instagram followers auto follow capability. It offers a 2hr free trial and has a basic plan that starts at $56.

  • TexAu is a prospect identification tool that scrapes email data from the web, verifies it and stores it. It has a 2 week free trial and a basic plan starting at $29 per month.

Key Takeaways

So what can we take from all of this information? For us there are 2 key takeaways:

  1. All of the LinkedIn cold outreach automation tools above exist because everyone is doing it. And if everyone is doing it, how do you stand out from the crowd?

That's when it becomes really important to highly customise your outreach - so that your prospects are drawn to read your messages over others. Most outreach is only personalising keywords like 'first_name' or 'company'. So if you can go further than this, there's a real opportunity for your messages to stand out. The most advanced customisation options include Koneksi's personalised messages, and Hyperise's personalised GIFs.

  1. Based on the thriving toolsets covered above, the best channels for professional B2B outreach clearly remain as LinkedIn and email. Whilst using both channels could increase chances of being noticed by your prospects, we believe it may not necessarily lead to more positive outcomes. We'll release a blog post explaining more on why LinkedIn is the number one B2B sales channel soon!

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